It is interesting to note that leadership comes in many forms, what is not understood, is how to get there ?

One of the key aspects is to understand the values & behaviours in the workplace, and the complexity that lies underneath, it is often said that you need to look under the iceberg to understand what is occurring the same applies to leadership

Change - Who does it belong to ?

I recently gave a talk on change and the paradox that it brings with it.  One of the key questions asked
about change was “How do you acknowledge that change is actually happening?”

How many times have you heard "I don't like change" or "I would prefer it if things stayed as they are"?
The interesting point about resistance to change is that it can manifest itself in different ways:

As an individual experience, where the individual wishes to control the risk of uncertainty and aspects of change that may feel uncomfortable, which may show up in ways that the person has not even thought of.

Or as a collective experience, where it appears that in order to go along with the collective you may feel pressured by the business or by the team that you are involved with.

There are no right or wrong answers to this question; however, given the rapidity with which change happens and the influence change can have upon us, it is worth asking yourself the question - if I do not…